Online Tour Booking Solutions

To start first: I am working for – that means I am working for one of the companies who does offer a online tour booking solution, just to point that out!

By doing this job I invested so time to get some informations about the actual market, here are my insights:
1) – I guess the biggest company in the market – they offer similiar to a pricing model based on a fee on every transcation
2) – they have a pricing model which is based on a monthly fix fee
3) – also here a monthly fix fee
4) – this guys have a monthly fix fee plus a fee per booking

Obviosely all these companies do offer a basic functionality : you can offer online bookings and set up easily new tours online. With we are also in this market and we are a competitor of these companies. From our point of view the unique functionality we do offer is a integrated payment gateway. That means you don`t have to install a PSP (Payment Service Provider) Account, you just can start right aways by registering under