TrekkSoft was nominated for the “PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit”

TrekkSoft was nominated for the “PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit”    

The Matten b. Interlaken based start­‐up TrekkSoft  AG will be represented at this year’s “Travel  Innovation  Summit”  in  Scottsdale,  AZ.

Thirty start ups will have the opportunity to present their innovation ‘on  stage’ at the “PhoCusWright Travel Innovation Summit”  conference in Scottsdale, AZ,  in front of a large audience of industry experts, investors and industry partners. This year’s event, which will take place from the 13 to 15 November 2012 in Scottsdale, has nominated only one company as the “Innovator” from Switzerland, TrekkSoft AG, located in Matten b. Interlaken. This nomination is already a great honor and a huge opportunity for the young company from the Bernese Oberland. In addition to the Bernese Oberland start–up  several other companies were nominated from the United States, Germany, Russia, Australia and England.

Since the launch of the “sign up” process in May 2012 on, around 300 tour operators and activity providers have registered on the platform. Besides from the   “cloud‐based” software, free in the basic use for all users and transaction­‐based payable, TrekkSoft AG would like to introduce an improved online payment solution and massively expand the already existing offer so­‐called  ”TrekkSoft  gateway” worldwide.

“We will launch in October 2012 a unique payment  solution for tour operators and activity providers from all over the world,”says Philippe Willi, co­‐founder and CFO of TrekkSoft  AG.

A recently­‐hired Marketing Manager from New York City will implement the so‐called “marketing roll‐out” solution and try to offer to about 250 000 tour operators and activity  providers.

The company is entirely self­‐funded by the founders, and a capital increase has been recently carried out in order to finance marketing operations.

TrekkSoft AG
Philippe Willi
Hauptstrasse 15
3800 Matten b. Interlaken