New PayOut Structure on – the Online Booking Solution for tour operators and activity providers adjusts its payment system: previously relying on a monthly payment system based on trip execution dates, the system will evolve to a new payment system, a weekly payment based on credit card transaction date – the evolution will occur on 1 October 2012.

As an example of the previous system, a tour operator who sells its tours online had to wait until the execution of the trip in order to receive the payment from the bank. The reason of this system was to protect from risks, known as cancellations or refund possibilities or the possible bankruptcy of the tour operator. now offers from 1 October 2012 the opportunity to receive weekly payouts based on the credit card transaction date. Thus, for example, a Thai diving excursion provider, which sells its tours in March, with an execution date in July, will effectively benefit from his money in “real time”, therefore in March. Moreover proposes direct payments to the bank account of the tour operator – except for countries or persons subject to an embargo. Thus, the risks related the payments are taken sufficiently into account, as has established Risk Management and has calculated “real time”, the so-called “money at risk”. “We present here a major Online Booking Solution with high risks, unique in the world, in forwarding the money directly to the tour operator on a weekly basis, before the execution of a trip or activity – we are entering new territory,” says Philippe Willi, Co- Founder and CFO.  There is a need for such a solution in the market of tour operators and activity providers. “For a tour operator, it has never been so easy to accept “real-time” payments, without expensive contracts or complicated interfaces to integrate.” says further Philippe Willi. – a company founded in Switzerland, is a Start Up based in Matten b. Interlaken. The system is currently used by over 70 tour operators and activity providers worldwide and generated in 2012 an online credit card transaction volume of 5 million CHF. Tour operators and activity providers can sign up on for free. The system is purely transaction-based, there are no fixed costs or set-up costs.


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